Cell Cycle Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Practice cell cycle MCQs, grade 9 online biology test 2, significance of mitosis multiple choice questions and answers. Significance of mitosis revision test has biology worksheets, helping answer key with choices as binary fission, budding, sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with significance of mitosis quiz as the cell division of mitosis is considered as means of for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free biology study guide to practice significance of mitosis quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cell Cycle Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 2

MCQ. The cell division of mitosis is considered as means of

  1. budding
  2. binary fission
  3. sexual reproduction
  4. asexual reproduction


MCQ. The process by which haploid daughter cells are formed by the division of diploid cells is called

  1. binary fission
  2. meiosis
  3. mitosis
  4. cell regeneration


MCQ. The process of cell division in prokaryotic cells which is similar to mitosis is called

  1. diffusion
  2. primary fission
  3. binary fission
  4. active transport


MCQ. The phases of mitosis does not includes

  1. division of cytoplasm
  2. division of mitochondria
  3. division of vacuoles
  4. division of nucleus


MCQ. The nucleus must migrate to the cell center in vacuolated cells plants

  1. after telophase
  2. before anaphase
  3. before prophase
  4. after prophase