Biology Problems Multiple Choice Questions Test 8 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 8 on biology problems MCQs, grade 9 biological solutions multiple choice questions. Free biological solutions guide has biology worksheet with answering options experimentation, query, deduction and analysis of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with biological solutions quiz as alternative hypothesis are evaluated by for exam prep. Study to learn biological solutions quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Biology Problems - Quiz 8

MCQ. Alternative hypothesis are evaluated by

  1. query
  2. experimentation
  3. deduction
  4. analysis


MCQ. In Italian word 'malaria', "mala" means

  1. poisonous
  2. gaseous
  3. good
  4. bad


MCQ. 20 Observations on malaria were listed by A.F.A King in

  1. 1906
  2. 1883
  3. 1887
  4. 1980


MCQ. Statistical methods are used to

  1. deleting the data
  2. record the data
  3. analyze the data
  4. store the data


MCQ. Process of using statistical and computational techniques for analyzing biological data is classified as

  1. socio-biology
  2. biotechnology
  3. bioinformatics
  4. genetics