Biodiversity Multiple Choice Questions 17 PDF Download

Learn biodiversity MCQs, grade 9 online biology test 17, biodiversity classification multiple choice questions and answers. Biodiversity classification revision test has biology worksheets, helping answer key with choices as related phylum, related family, related order and related species of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with biodiversity classification quiz as the genus in taxonomic hierarchies is known as group of for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free biology study guide to practice biodiversity classification quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Biodiversity Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 17

MCQ. The genus in taxonomic hierarchies is known as group of

  1. related family
  2. related phylum
  3. related order
  4. related species


MCQ. Considering the classification hierarchy, the group of related genera is known as

  1. species
  2. family
  3. phylum
  4. genus


MCQ. The genus name to which pea plant belongs is

  1. tigrina
  2. pisum
  3. sporic
  4. sapiens


MCQ. After two-kingdom classification, the third kingdom proposed by Ernst Haeckel in 1866 is

  1. protista
  2. protozoan
  3. paramecium
  4. algae


MCQ. The international organization IUCN is abbreviation of

  1. Internal Union Council for Natural gas
  2. International Union Council for Nature
  3. International Union for Conservation of Nature
  4. Internal United Council of Nations