Sound and Hearing Multiple Choice Questions 4 PDF Download

Learn sound and hearing MCQs, grade 8 online science test 4, pitch and loudness multiple choice questions and answers. Pitch and loudness revision test has science worksheets, helping answer key with choices as db, dc, dec and dl of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with pitch and loudness quiz as he symbol of decibel is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free science study guide to practice pitch and loudness quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound and Hearing Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 4

MCQ. He symbol of decibel is

  1. Dc
  2. dB
  3. Dec
  4. dl


MCQ. Humans can hear the sound with in range

  1. 20Hz - 20000Hz
  2. 10Hz-10000Hz
  3. 200Hz-20000Hz
  4. 30Hz--30000Hz


MCQ. The brain interprets vibrations and electrical signals as

  1. sounds
  2. actions
  3. reactions
  4. movements


MCQ. The vibrations in stirrup are greater than ear drum due to arrangement in

  1. lever like manner
  2. ascending manner
  3. descending manner
  4. jointed manner


MCQ. A pitch of sound can be change by changing

  1. string
  2. instrument
  3. tension
  4. temperature