Rocks and Weathering Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 6 on rocks and weathering MCQs, grade 8 weathered pieces of rocks multiple choice questions. Free weathered pieces of rocks guide has science worksheet with answering options stagnant water, water currents, water ponds and water dams of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with weathered pieces of rocks quiz as sediments are transported and deposited by help of for exam prep. Study to learn weathered pieces of rocks quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Rocks and Weathering - Quiz 6

MCQ. Sediments are transported and deposited by help of

  1. water currents
  2. stagnant water
  3. water ponds
  4. water dams


MCQ. In deserts there is existence of extreme in day and night

  1. temperatures
  2. erosion
  3. pressure
  4. cycles


MCQ. When water containing dissolved salts evaporate there is formation of layer of

  1. salts
  2. rocks
  3. sediments
  4. minerals


MCQ. Rocks are formed by combination of minerals like

  1. quartz
  2. feldspar
  3. calcite
  4. all of them