Trigonometric Ratios Multiple Choice Questions 7 PDF Download

Practice trigonometric ratios MCQs, grade 8 online math test 7, trigonometrical ratios multiple choice questions and answers. Trigonometrical ratios revision test has math worksheets, helping answer key with choices as opposite side, adjacent side, hypotenuse and adjacent side + opposite side of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with trigonometrical ratios quiz as with respect to a in a right-angled triangle abc, side ab is called for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free math study guide to practice trigonometrical ratios quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Trigonometric Ratios Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 7

MCQ. With respect to A in a right-angled triangle ABC, the side AB is called

  1. adjacent side
  2. opposite side
  3. hypotenuse
  4. adjacent side + opposite side


MCQ. The answer of 4 tan 65°/3 sin 19° is

  1. 0.9309
  2. 0.3099
  3. 0.1309
  4. 0.3019


MCQ. From the top of mountain 68 m high, the angle of depression of two boats due east of it are 52° and 26° respectively. The distance between the ships is

  1. 58.28 m
  2. 86.29 m
  3. 68.29 m
  4. 53.72 m


MCQ. If cos X is 0.438 then the value of angle X in a right angle triangle is

  1. 64.02°
  2. 66.02°
  3. 46.02°
  4. 84.02°


MCQ. In a right-angled triangle XYZ with respect to X, the tangent of the angle A is calculated as

  1. adjacent side/hypotenuse
  2. opposite side/hypotenuse
  3. opposite side/adjacent side
  4. hypotenuse + adjacent side