Trigonometric Ratios Multiple Choice Questions Test 7 pdf Download

Practice math quiz 7 on trigonometric ratios MCQs, grade 8 trigonometrical ratios multiple choice questions. Free trigonometrical ratios guide has math worksheet with answering options opposite side, adjacent side, hypotenuse and adjacent side + opposite side of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with trigonometrical ratios quiz as with respect to a in a right-angled triangle abc, side ab is called for exam prep. Study to learn trigonometrical ratios quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Trigonometric Ratios - Quiz 7

MCQ. With respect to A in a right-angled triangle ABC, side AB is called

  1. adjacent side
  2. opposite side
  3. hypotenuse
  4. adjacent side + opposite side


MCQ. Answer of 4 tan 65°/3 sin 19° is

  1. 0.9309
  2. 0.3099
  3. 0.1309
  4. 0.3019


MCQ. From top of mountain 68 m high, angle of depression of two boats due east of it are 52° and 26° respectively. distance between ships is

  1. 58.28 m
  2. 86.29 m
  3. 68.29 m
  4. 53.72 m


MCQ. If cos X is 0.438 then value of angle X in a right angle triangle is

  1. 64.02°
  2. 66.02°
  3. 46.02°
  4. 84.02°


MCQ. In a right-angled triangle XYZ with respect to X, tangent of angle A is calculated as

  1. adjacent side/hypotenuse
  2. opposite side/hypotenuse
  3. opposite side/adjacent side
  4. hypotenuse + adjacent side