Volcanic Eruptions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 10 pdf eBooks Download

Learn volcanic eruptions MCQs, grade 8 geography test 10, volcanism multiple choice questions and answers. Volcanism revision test has geography worksheets, answer key with choices as river bed, ocean bed, original hot spot and virtual hot spot of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with volcanism quiz as as volcano is carried along by plate, a new volcano is formed over the for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free geography study guide to practice volcanism quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Volcanic Eruptions Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 10

MCQ. As volcano is carried along by plate, a new volcano is formed over the

  1. ocean bed
  2. river bed
  3. original hot spot
  4. virtual hot spot


MCQ. Cavity in Earth's crust below vent that holds magma is known as

  1. Vent
  2. Cone
  3. Lava
  4. Magma Chamber


MCQ. Eruptions of composite volcanoes are loud and violent because that contain

  1. basic lava
  2. viscous acid lava
  3. dense composite lava
  4. viscous composite lava


MCQ. As basic lava flows more, it forms a

  1. steep slope and narrow base
  2. gentle slope and broad base
  3. steep slope and broad base
  4. gentle slope and narrow base


MCQ. Most common type of volcano is the

  1. Acid Lava Volcano
  2. Basic Lava Volcano
  3. Composite Lava Volcano
  4. Component Volcano