Plate Tectonics Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 pdf Download

Practice geography quiz 4 on plate tectonics MCQs, grade 8 plate tectonics and movement multiple choice questions. Free plate tectonics and movement guide has geography worksheet with answering options get shallower, shrink, deepen and expand of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with plate tectonics and movement quiz as divergent plate movement of african plate and american plate will cause atlantic ocean to for exam prep. Study to learn plate tectonics and movement quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Plate Tectonics - Quiz 4

MCQ. Divergent Plate Movement of African Plate and American Plate will cause Atlantic Ocean to

  1. shrink
  2. get shallower
  3. deepen
  4. expand


MCQ. Extreme heat from within Earth creates convection current within the

  1. crust
  2. mantle
  3. core
  4. plates


MCQ. Process of collision of two plates with different densities is known as

  1. Abduction
  2. Subduction
  3. Prediction
  4. Production


MCQ. When two Continental Plates with same density, collide with one another,

  1. collision takes place
  2. earthquake takes place
  3. transformation takes place
  4. folding takes place


MCQ. Average temperature of core of Earth is

  1. 1000°C
  2. 2000°C
  3. 3000°C
  4. 4000°C