Folds and Faults Multiple Choice Questions 5 PDF Download

Practice folds and faults MCQs, grade 8 online geography test 5, faulting process multiple choice questions and answers. Faulting process revision test has geography worksheets, helping answer key with choices as tension, compression, expansion and collision of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with faulting process quiz as the reverse fault is caused due to for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free geography study guide to practice faulting process quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Folds and Faults Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 5

MCQ. The reverse fault is caused due to

  1. compression
  2. tension
  3. expansion
  4. collision


MCQ. A fold mountain is a type of landform that is created when two crustal plates

  1. converge
  2. collide
  3. diverge
  4. DE collide


MCQ. If the compressional force is unequal, then the folding that will take place would be

  1. equal
  2. asymmetrical
  3. symmetrical
  4. slower


MCQ. When the stronger compressional forces push the over thrust fold to move along the fracture line, it forms a

  1. gap
  2. layer
  3. nappe
  4. fracture


MCQ. A tear fault occurs due to

  1. horizontal displacement of rocks
  2. vertical displacement of rocks
  3. diagonal displacement of rocks
  4. all of them