Direct and Indirect Questions Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 5 on direct and indirect questions MCQs. Attempt grade 8 english multiple choice questions with answers, direct and indirect speech MCQ as she said to him, "do not tell a lie"., below. Study to learn direct and indirect speech quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Direct and Indirect Questions - Quiz 5

MCQ. She said to him, "Do not tell a lie".

  1. She asked him to not told a lie.
  2. She forbade him to told a lie.
  3. She forbade him to telling a lie.
  4. She forbade him to tell a lie.


MCQ. They said, "Let us watch TV."

  1. They propose to watch TV.
  2. They proposed to watched TV.
  3. Thy was proposed to watch TV.
  4. They proposed to watch TV.


MCQ. They said to boy, "What is your name?"

  1. They asked the boy what was your name.
  2. They asked the boy what his name was.
  3. They asked the boy what is his name.
  4. They asked the boy what is your name.


MCQ. We said, "How clever she is!"

  1. We exclaimed that she was very clever.`
  2. We said that she is clever.
  3. We said that she was clever.
  4. We exclaimed that she is very clever.


MCQ. They said to me, "Good-bye"

  1. They said good- bye to me.
  2. They say good- bye to me.
  3. They bade good-bye to me.
  4. They baded good-bye to me.