Sound Waves Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 6 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 6 on sound waves MCQs, grade 7 musical instruments multiple choice questions. Free musical instruments guide has science worksheet with answering options frequency, wavelength, wave front and amplitude of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with musical instruments quiz as sound is made louder by increasing for exam prep. Study to learn musical instruments quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Waves - Quiz 6

MCQ. Sound is made louder by increasing

  1. wavelength
  2. frequency
  3. wave front
  4. amplitude


MCQ. Another example of wind instrument is

  1. guitar
  2. piano
  3. violin
  4. trombone


MCQ. Sound is a form of

  1. force
  2. power
  3. light
  4. energy


MCQ. Loudness of sound is also known as

  1. Amplitude
  2. Wave front
  3. Volume
  4. Space of sound


MCQ. More dense liquid, the

  1. slower the speed of sound
  2. faster the speed of sound
  3. more the distance covered by sound
  4. lesser the distance covered by sound