Sound Waves Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 22 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 22 on sound waves MCQs, grade 7 speed of sound multiple choice questions. Free speed of sound guide has science worksheet with answering options particles move faster, particles vibrate more vigorously, collision of particles is greater and particles are closely packed of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with speed of sound quiz as sound travels fastest in solids because for exam prep. Study to learn speed of sound quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Waves - Quiz 22

MCQ. Sound travels fastest in solids because the

  1. particles vibrate more vigorously
  2. particles move faster
  3. collision of particles is greater
  4. particles are closely packed


MCQ. When two or more notes with different pitches are sounded together

  1. Disco is created
  2. Peace is created
  3. Harmony is created
  4. Beat is created


MCQ. A long thick tube produces

  1. low note
  2. high note
  3. deep note
  4. low pitched note


MCQ. Wind instruments make sound by allowing air to

  1. cut through the tubes
  2. vibrate the tubes at different lengths
  3. increase the frequency
  4. decrease the frequency


MCQ. When a note is played by a stringed instrument, it produces

  1. single vibration
  2. double vibrations
  3. multiple vibrations
  4. rhythm