Sound Waves Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 2 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 2 on sound waves MCQs, grade 7 musical instruments multiple choice questions. Free musical instruments guide has science worksheet with answering options diameter of wind hole, tension on string, tension on drum surface and diameter of drum surface of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with musical instruments quiz as pitch of note depends upon for exam prep. Study to learn musical instruments quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Waves - Quiz 2

MCQ. Pitch of note depends upon the

  1. tension on string
  2. diameter of wind hole
  3. tension on the drum surface
  4. diameter of the drum surface


MCQ. Note produced depends on the

  1. depth of the drum
  2. string length
  3. length of wind holes
  4. radius of wind holes


MCQ. One of vibrations of strings makes

  1. pitch of the instrument
  2. pitch of the note
  3. scale of the note
  4. pitch of the scale


MCQ. Sound waves are detected by

  1. speakers
  2. electronics
  3. microphones
  4. computers


MCQ. Sounds are measured in units called

  1. Hertz (Hz)
  2. Decibels (dB)
  3. Meters (m)
  4. Pascal (Pa)