Sound Waves Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 14 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 14 on sound waves MCQs, grade 7 musical instruments multiple choice questions. Free musical instruments guide has science worksheet with answering options quitter, louder, normal and useless of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with musical instruments quiz as other vibrations than this one would be for exam prep. Study to learn musical instruments quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Waves - Quiz 14

MCQ. Other vibrations than this one would be

  1. louder
  2. quitter
  3. normal
  4. useless


MCQ. These repeated sounds in an empty hall are known as

  1. echoes
  2. grief echoes
  3. hollow echoes
  4. soft echoes


MCQ. Stringed instruments produce sounds when

  1. when is plucked
  2. string is pulled
  3. string is pushed
  4. string is banged


MCQ. Sequence of notes is known as

  1. Plain
  2. Scale
  3. Balance
  4. Pit land


MCQ. Long exposures to sounds are dangerous for

  1. ears
  2. brain
  3. nerves
  4. mental level