Solar System Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 6 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 6 on solar system MCQs, grade 7 eclipse multiple choice questions. Free eclipse guide has science worksheet with answering options tilted, round, straight and angled of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with eclipse quiz as eclipses do not occur every month because moon's orbit is for exam prep. Study to learn eclipse quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Solar System - Quiz 6

MCQ. Eclipses do not occur every month because moon's orbit is

  1. round
  2. tilted
  3. straight
  4. angled


MCQ. Natural satellites of planets are

  1. moons
  2. sun
  3. spacecraft
  4. hover crafts


MCQ. At north or south poles sun does not rise or set to almost about

  1. a year
  2. half a year
  3. one month
  4. two years


MCQ. Unmanned space crafts which are used to explore celestial bodies is called

  1. satellite
  2. star
  3. Hubble space telescope
  4. space probe


MCQ. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are regarded as

  1. inner planets
  2. outer planets
  3. bigger planets
  4. smaller planets