Solar System Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 2 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 2 on solar system MCQs, grade 7 sun earth and moon multiple choice questions. Free sun earth and moon guide has science worksheet with answering options mankind, organisms, universe and atmosphere of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with sun earth and moon quiz as that's one small step of a man, one giant leap for for exam prep. Study to learn sun earth and moon quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Solar System - Quiz 2

MCQ. That's one small step of a man, one giant leap for

  1. organisms
  2. mankind
  3. universe
  4. atmosphere


MCQ. Planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at night can be seen with a

  1. naked eye
  2. microscope
  3. telescope
  4. binoculars


MCQ. During lunar eclipse earth blocks the

  1. moon
  2. sun
  3. stars
  4. meteors


MCQ. Earth spins about its own

  1. revolution
  2. horizon
  3. axis
  4. rotation


MCQ. Rovers were the

  1. robots
  2. satellites
  3. voyager
  4. space probe