Reproduction in Plants Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 14 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 14 on reproduction in plants MCQs, grade 7 parts of flower multiple choice questions. Free parts of flower guide has science worksheet with answering options style, stigma, ovary and ovule of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with parts of flower quiz as part where eggs are found in carpel is known as for exam prep. Study to learn parts of flower quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Reproduction in Plants - Quiz 14

MCQ. Part where eggs are found in carpel is known as

  1. Stigma
  2. Style
  3. Ovary
  4. Ovule


MCQ. In sexual reproduction, a male cell joins a female cell and this joining of two opposite gender cells is called

  1. Fertilization
  2. Pollination
  3. Oscillation
  4. Reproduction


MCQ. When animals eat fruits, seeds are not digested due to

  1. hard coat on them
  2. indigestion
  3. fleshy cover of fruit
  4. lack of digestive juices


MCQ. Some flowers are constructed so that when insect lands on them, the

  1. ovules stick at the wings of the insect
  2. pollens stick to the wings of the insect
  3. pollens fly by the wind formed by the movement of wings of insect
  4. ovaries burst to spread the ovules


MCQ. Seeds are made by process known as

  1. Asexual Reproduction
  2. Sexual reproduction
  3. Clone reproduction
  4. Grafting