Physical and Chemical Changes Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 21 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 21 on physical and chemical changes MCQs, grade 7 iron and sulphur multiple choice questions. Free iron and sulphur guide has science worksheet with answering options brown, green, grey and black of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with iron and sulphur quiz as color of solid iron is for exam prep. Study to learn iron and sulphur quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Physical and Chemical Changes - Quiz 21

MCQ. Color of solid iron is

  1. green
  2. brown
  3. grey
  4. black


MCQ. Alteration of material without changing its chemical make-up is known as

  1. Physical change
  2. Chemical variation
  3. Non-chemical change
  4. Biological change


MCQ. In process of iron and Sulphur forming iron sulfide, product is/products are

  1. iron only
  2. Sulphur only
  3. iron and Sulphur both
  4. iron sulfide


MCQ. In agricultural use, ammonia is a useful component in

  1. water
  2. soil
  3. fertilizers
  4. insecticides


MCQ. Name of chemist who started plastic industry is

  1. George Conner
  2. Alex Martin
  3. Leo Baekeland
  4. Robin Norman