Investigating Space Multiple Choice Questions Test 43 Tests pdf Download

Practice science test 43 on investigating space MCQs, grade 7 constellation multiple choice questions and answers. Constellation revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as canis major, orion, aquarius and taurus of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with constellation quiz as the star betelgeuse, belongs to constellation named for competitive exam prep. Free science study guide to learn constellation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Investigating Space Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 43

MCQ. Star Betelgeuse, belongs to constellation named

  1. Orion
  2. Canis Major
  3. Aquarius
  4. Taurus


MCQ. Spiral galaxies are made up of

  1. three ages of stars
  2. three kinds of stars
  3. three types of stars
  4. three sizes of stars


MCQ. Our solar system belongs to a

  1. oval shaped system
  2. circle shaped system
  3. spiral shaped system
  4. coil shaped system


MCQ. Name of laboratory is

  1. SOHO
  2. SDO
  3. Genesis
  4. Solar LD


MCQ. Ulysses was only expected to last for

  1. 3 years
  2. 5 years
  3. 7 years
  4. 9 years