Investigating Space Multiple Choice Questions 36 PDF Download

Practice investigating space MCQs, grade 7 online science test 36, telescopes multiple choice questions and answers. Telescopes revision test has science worksheets, helping answer key with choices as 2 meters in radius, 2 meters in diameter, 2.4 meters in diameter and 2.4 meters in radius of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with telescopes quiz as the main mirror of "hubble telescope" is about for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free science study guide to practice telescopes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Investigating Space Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 36

MCQ. The main mirror of "Hubble telescope" is about

  1. 2 meters in diameter
  2. 2 meters in radius
  3. 2.4 meters in diameter
  4. 2.4 meters in radius


MCQ. Sometimes a blazing burst of gas comes from the surface of Sun and shoots up to hundreds and thousands kilometers into space, then loop back down. These blasts are known as

  1. sun blasters
  2. sunbursts
  3. hydro explosions
  4. prominence


MCQ. The brightest star in night is

  1. Deneb
  2. Sirius
  3. Aldebaran
  4. Rigel


MCQ. Nuclear fusion takes place in the

  1. mantle
  2. outer core
  3. inner core
  4. crust


MCQ. If we try to cross Milky way galaxy, it will take us

  1. 100 light years
  2. 100,000 years
  3. 100 years
  4. 100,000 light years