Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 8 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 8 on heat transfer MCQs, grade 7 heat and temperature multiple choice questions. Free heat and temperature guide has science worksheet with answering options two ways, one way, three ways and four ways of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with heat and temperature quiz as thermal energy travels in for exam prep. Study to learn heat and temperature quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Heat Transfer - Quiz 8

MCQ. Thermal energy travels in

  1. one way
  2. two ways
  3. three ways
  4. four ways


MCQ. Warm air rises because it is

  1. more dense than cooler air
  2. equally dense as cooler air
  3. less dense than cooler air
  4. may be less or more dense than cooler air


MCQ. At night, sea get

  1. warmer than land
  2. cooler than land
  3. same as land
  4. very cold


MCQ. Earth is warmed by heat energy coming from

  1. Sun
  2. moon
  3. universe
  4. north and south pole


MCQ. When warm air rises over sea, its previous position is replaced by

  1. more warm air from sea
  2. cooler air from sea
  3. cooler air from land
  4. warm air from land