Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 7 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 7 on heat transfer MCQs, grade 7 heat transfer and convection multiple choice questions. Free heat transfer and convection guide has science worksheet with answering options a good conductor, light, more efficient and denser of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with heat transfer and convection quiz as compared to hot air, cooler air is for exam prep. Study to learn heat transfer and convection quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Heat Transfer - Quiz 7

MCQ. Compared to hot air, cooler air is

  1. light
  2. a good conductor
  3. more efficient
  4. denser


MCQ. Temperature of warm water bath is

  1. 30°C
  2. 40°C
  3. 50°C
  4. 60°C


MCQ. Just like light, radiant heat can be

  1. reflected
  2. turned off
  3. can be of different colors
  4. used in led


MCQ. In hot places, well insulated house stays

  1. warm
  2. hot
  3. cool
  4. normal


MCQ. Infrared radiations can pass through

  1. 1 foot thick walls
  2. glass
  3. water
  4. log