Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 17 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 17 on heat transfer MCQs, grade 7 applications of heat multiple choice questions. Free applications of heat guide has science worksheet with answering options identify bacteria in vessels, identify cancer cells deep in body, identify viruses in skin tissues and identify diseases of heart of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with applications of heat quiz as another medical use of thermal imaging cameras is that, they can for exam prep. Study to learn applications of heat quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Heat Transfer - Quiz 17

MCQ. Another medical use of thermal imaging cameras is that, they can

  1. identify cancer cells deep in the body
  2. identify bacteria in the vessels
  3. identify viruses in the skin tissues
  4. identify diseases of heart


MCQ. An example of good insulator of heat is

  1. iron
  2. wood
  3. gold
  4. zinc


MCQ. Heat is not allowed to pass through by a

  1. metalloids
  2. transition metals
  3. non-metals
  4. metals


MCQ. In civil use, thermal imaging cameras can

  1. identify temperature of roads
  2. identify heat distribution in buildings
  3. cool down the temperature of roads
  4. identify the heat released by each car


MCQ. A hot objects emits thermal energy in form of

  1. waves
  2. rays
  3. energy
  4. radiations