Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 11 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 11 on heat transfer MCQs, grade 7 heat and temperature multiple choice questions. Free heat and temperature guide has science worksheet with answering options electrical conductors, electrical insulators, thermal conductors and thermal insulators of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with heat and temperature quiz as poor conductors of heat are called for exam prep. Study to learn heat and temperature quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Heat Transfer - Quiz 11

MCQ. Poor conductors of heat are called

  1. electrical insulators
  2. electrical conductors
  3. thermal conductors
  4. thermal insulators


MCQ. A lot of heat turns color of metal

  1. yellow
  2. orange
  3. red
  4. blue


MCQ. A device that uses special films to photograph heat is known as

  1. Thermal goggles
  2. Thermal recording camera
  3. Thermal imaging camera
  4. Thermal hotspot goggles


MCQ. Sun warms up the

  1. land before the sea
  2. sea before the land
  3. land and sea at the same instant
  4. land but can't warm up the sea


MCQ. Device captures heat by

  1. radio waves
  2. Infrared radiations
  3. gamma radiations
  4. ultraviolet radiations