Grade 7 English MCQs

Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Multiple Choice Questions Test 25 Tests pdf Download

Practice science test 25 on electrical circuits and electric currents MCQs, grade 7 electrical circuits and currents multiple choice questions and answers. Electrical circuits and currents revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as current electricity, static electricity, practical electricity and magnetic electricity of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with electrical circuits and currents quiz as the electricity which involves attraction is known as for competitive exam prep. Free science study guide to learn electrical circuits and currents quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents: Worksheets 25 Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Electricity which involves attraction is known as

  1. Static Electricity
  2. Current Electricity
  3. Practical Electricity
  4. Magnetic Electricity


MCQ. For electrolysis to work, compound used should be a/an

  1. insulator
  2. conductor
  3. metalloid
  4. gas


MCQ. Scientist realized that electric current was producing

  1. voltage
  2. current
  3. ions
  4. magnetism


MCQ. An example of insulator is

  1. silver
  2. potassium
  3. PVC
  4. titanium


MCQ. State of compound being electrolyzed should be

  1. molten only
  2. aqueous only
  3. molten or aqueous
  4. gaseous