Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 17 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 17 on electrical circuits and electric currents MCQs, grade 7 electrical safety multiple choice questions. Free electrical safety guide has science worksheet with answering options electrocute you, kill you, give you a nasty shock and make your body burst of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with electrical safety quiz as 12v car battery would for exam prep. Study to learn electrical safety quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents - Quiz 17

MCQ. 12V car battery would

  1. kill you
  2. electrocute you
  3. give you a nasty shock
  4. make your body burst


MCQ. If a live wire touches metal casing of an object, metal casing becomes

  1. neutral
  2. earthed
  3. live
  4. hot


MCQ. Substance being electrolyzed is known as

  1. Conductor
  2. Insulator
  3. Electrolyte
  4. Electro decay


MCQ. Filament is present in

  1. center of the sealed glass
  2. front of the sealed glass
  3. roots of the sealed glass
  4. the top head of the sealed glass


MCQ. Vibration of cone produces

  1. light
  2. sound
  3. heat
  4. crystals