Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Multiple Choice Questions Test 13 Tests pdf Download

Practice science test 13 on electrical circuits and electric currents MCQs, grade 7 electrical safety multiple choice questions and answers. Electrical safety revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as bare wires, handles, resistors and fuses of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with electrical safety quiz as never use an appliance with for competitive exam prep. Free science study guide to learn electrical safety quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 13

MCQ. Never use an appliance with

  1. handles
  2. bare wires
  3. resistors
  4. fuses


MCQ. Current pass first bulb, when it comes to second, electrons have

  1. more energy
  2. less energy
  3. more power
  4. less power


MCQ. When bell push is pressed, an electric current passes through the

  1. wires
  2. electromagnet
  3. resistor
  4. fuse


MCQ. Voltage across cells or battery can be measured by connecting a/an

  1. voltmeter
  2. ammeter
  3. kilometer
  4. galvanometer


MCQ. Units of electricity are called

  1. kilowatts
  2. joules-hour
  3. kilowatt-hours
  4. watt-minutes