Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 10 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 10 on electrical circuits and electric currents MCQs, grade 7 current and energy multiple choice questions. Free current and energy guide has science worksheet with answering options needle, digits, roman numbers and arabic digits of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with current and energy quiz as an analog ammeter has for exam prep. Study to learn current and energy quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents - Quiz 10

MCQ. An analog ammeter has

  1. digits
  2. needle
  3. roman numbers
  4. Arabic digits


MCQ. Measure of how much energy is provided by a cell is known as

  1. voltage
  2. resistance
  3. current
  4. power


MCQ. Ions are charges particles, formed when an atom

  1. gains electrons
  2. loses electrons
  3. gains or loses electrons
  4. shares electrons


MCQ. Inside walls of arch, people walk through large coil of wire carrying

  1. voltage
  2. magnetic fields
  3. current
  4. resistance


MCQ. An example of use of electricity is

  1. heating
  2. flushing
  3. cleaning
  4. brushing