Dispersion of Light Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 31 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 31 on dispersion of light MCQs, grade 7 concave lens multiple choice questions. Free concave lens guide has science worksheet with answering options telescope, mirror, spectacles and contact lenses of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with concave lens quiz as an example that uses concave lenses is for exam prep. Study to learn concave lens quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Dispersion of Light - Quiz 31

MCQ. An example that uses concave lenses is

  1. mirror
  2. telescope
  3. spectacles
  4. contact lenses


MCQ. Lens in our eye can change its thickness due to

  1. muscles connected to it
  2. brain power
  3. will power
  4. living cells


MCQ. Number of Cone cells in eye is

  1. 2 million
  2. 4 million
  3. 6 million
  4. 8 million


MCQ. We can see things because they

  1. absorb light
  2. reflect light
  3. create light
  4. they stimulate the photons of light


MCQ. We see different colors on screen because these dots change their

  1. colors
  2. brightness
  3. sharpness
  4. size