Grade 7 English MCQs

Dispersion of Light Multiple Choice Questions Test 12 Tests pdf Download

Practice science test 12 on dispersion of light MCQs, grade 7 refraction of light multiple choice questions and answers. Refraction of light revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as law of light, law of einstein, law of refraction and law of thomas of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with refraction of light quiz as the refraction of light is proved by for competitive exam prep. Free science study guide to learn refraction of light quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Dispersion of Light Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 12

MCQ. Refraction of light is proved by

  1. Law of Einstein
  2. Law of light
  3. Law of Refraction
  4. Law of Thomas


MCQ. Speed of light in water is

  1. Two quarters of light speed in vacuum
  2. Three quarters of light speed in vacuum
  3. One third of light speed in vacuum
  4. Two third of speed of light in vacuum


MCQ. Types of cells in Retina are

  1. Cones and Fisheries
  2. Cones and Spheres
  3. Cones and Rods
  4. Rods and Spheres


MCQ. Name of scientist who introduced dispersion of light is

  1. John Dalton
  2. Isaac Newton
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Martin Charles burgh


MCQ. Sensitive screen at back of eye is called

  1. Blind spot
  2. Conjunctiva
  3. Cornea
  4. Retina