Atoms Molecules and Ions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 pdf eBooks Download

Learn atoms molecules and ions MCQs, grade 7 science test 6, what is atom multiple choice questions and answers. What is atom revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as 1nm, 0.00001nm, 0.1nm and 0.01nm of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with what is atom quiz as the diameter of a 'nucleus' is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free science study guide to practice what is atom quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Atoms Molecules and Ions Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 6

MCQ. Diameter of a 'nucleus' is

  1. 0.00001nm
  2. 1nm
  3. 0.1nm
  4. 0.01nm


MCQ. Total number of protons in atom of each element is called its

  1. atomic number
  2. atomic mass
  3. molecular mass
  4. atomic scale


MCQ. Smallest particle of an atom which exists, is called

  1. matter
  2. atom
  3. proton
  4. electron


MCQ. Nucleus in an atom consists of

  1. protons
  2. neutrons
  3. electrons
  4. both a and b


MCQ. Molecules which contain fixed number of same type of atoms are molecules or

  1. elements
  2. compounds
  3. mixtures
  4. all of them