Congruence and Similarity Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 2 pdf Download

Practice math quiz 2 on congruence and similarity MCQs, grade 7 congruent figures and objects multiple choice questions. Free congruent figures and objects guide has math worksheet with answering options congruent, identical, isosceles and equatorial of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with congruent figures and objects quiz as two objects of same shape are said to be for exam prep. Study to learn congruent figures and objects quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Congruence and Similarity - Quiz 2

MCQ. Two objects of same shape are said to be

  1. Identical
  2. Congruent
  3. Isosceles
  4. Equatorial


MCQ. If all sides of any two figures are proportional then they are

  1. Congruent
  2. Non-congruent
  3. Similar
  4. Non-similar


MCQ. Scale of building plan is 1cm to 50cm. Represented length of bedroom is 9.2cm, actual length is

  1. 480cm
  2. 620cm
  3. 430cm
  4. 460cm


MCQ. Two quadrilaterals of same area but different shapes are

  1. Non-congruent
  2. Congruent
  3. Identical
  4. Non-identical


MCQ. An enlargement results in a smaller image, it is called

  1. Enlargement
  2. Compression
  3. equality
  4. None of above