Algebraic manipulation and Formulae Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 5 pdf Download

Practice math quiz 5 on algebraic manipulation and formulae MCQs, grade 7 algebraic fractions multiple choice questions. Free algebraic fractions guide has math worksheet with answering options 5a⁄3b, 4a⁄3b, 3a⁄2b and 3b⁄5a of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with algebraic fractions quiz as solving expression (2a + 3c)⁄3b + (a - c)⁄b gives us for exam prep. Study to learn algebraic fractions quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Algebraic manipulation and Formulae - Quiz 5

MCQ. Solving expression (2a + 3c)⁄3b + (a - c)⁄b gives us

  1. 4a⁄3b
  2. 5a⁄3b
  3. 3a⁄2b
  4. 3b⁄5a


MCQ. If we simplify m2 ⁄(m2-mp) we get

  1. m⁄(m - p)
  2. p⁄m
  3. (m - 1)⁄p
  4. p⁄(m - 1)