The Land Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Learn the land MCQs, grade 7 online geography test 2, land supply multiple choice questions and answers. Land supply revision test has geography worksheets, helping answer key with choices as 5%, 12%, 10% and 9% of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with land supply quiz as out of 30% land of earth's surface, percentage of area which too cold to live is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free geography study guide to practice land supply quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on The Land Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 2

MCQ. Out of 30% land of Earth's surface, the percentage of area which too cold to live is

  1. 12%
  2. 5%
  3. 10%
  4. 9%


MCQ. Out of 30% land, the 10% of land is

  1. too dry
  2. too cold
  3. too mountainous
  4. none of the above


MCQ. The abandoned land that is not good for cultivation anymore is classified as

  1. catchment land
  2. dykes
  3. derelict land
  4. polder


MCQ. The Amazon Basin is used for growing soybean and cattle farming in

  1. Nigeria
  2. New Zealand
  3. Brazil
  4. Australia


MCQ. The percentage of land surface of earth which is covered with hot deserts us

  1. 13%
  2. 16%
  3. 21%
  4. 25%