English Pronouns Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 5 on english pronouns MCQs. Attempt grade 7 english multiple choice questions with answers, pronoun MCQ as the indefinite pronoun in the sentence "somebody may be help you but not i." is, below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on English Pronouns - Quiz 5

MCQ. Indefinite pronoun in sentence "Somebody may be help you but not I." is

  1. somebody
  2. be
  3. may
  4. I


MCQ. Possessive pronoun in sentence "Let her whom can do these sums." is

  1. who
  2. do
  3. her
  4. can


MCQ. Indefinite pronoun in sentence "Anything in this world can happen, if you believe." is

  1. this
  2. can
  3. anything
  4. you


MCQ. Interrogative pronoun in sentence "car whose color is white, has locked." is

  1. whose
  2. the
  3. is
  4. has


MCQ. Singular object pronoun in sentence "His lame excuses made him doubtful for me." is

  1. him
  2. me
  3. his
  4. for