English Pronouns Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 1 on english pronouns MCQs. Attempt grade 7 english multiple choice questions with answers, pronoun MCQ as the object pronoun in the sentence "they asked him to join us in the lecture." is, below. Study to learn pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on English Pronouns - Quiz 1

MCQ. Object pronoun in sentence "They asked him to join us in lecture." is

  1. us
  2. they
  3. in
  4. him


MCQ. Demonstrative pronoun in sentence "That is my town, itself is not very large as cities are." is

  1. my
  2. that
  3. as
  4. not


MCQ. Reciprocal pronoun in sentence "when I asked for help, they looked at each other." is

  1. whom
  2. I
  3. each other
  4. they


MCQ. Objective pronoun in sentence "My parents will reward me for taking good marks." is

  1. my
  2. for
  3. me
  4. will


MCQ. Indefinite pronoun in sentence "None of those, books are belonged to me." is

  1. those
  2. none
  3. are
  4. me