Nouns in English Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 5 on nouns in english MCQs. Attempt grade 7 english multiple choice questions with answers, nouns MCQ as the bakers bake bread. (which word is a common noun?), below. Study to learn nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Nouns in English - Quiz 5

MCQ. Bakers bake bread. (Which word is a common noun?)

  1. bake
  2. bread
  3. bakers
  4. the


MCQ. Where are my books? I kept it on my study table. (Which word is a countable noun?)

  1. Kept
  2. where
  3. my
  4. books


MCQ. I saw birds flying in air. (Which word is a common noun?)

  1. birds
  2. saw
  3. air
  4. flying


MCQ. Sometime, I do not understand John. (Which word is a proper noun?)

  1. I
  2. John
  3. do not
  4. understand