Sense Organ and Senses Multiple Choice Questions Test 7 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 7 on sense organ and senses MCQs, grade 6 class 6 science facts multiple choice questions. Free class 6 science facts guide has science worksheet with answering options smell, taste, sight and hearing of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with class 6 science facts quiz as eye is an organ that senses things with aid of for exam prep. Study to learn class 6 science facts quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sense Organ and Senses - Quiz 7

MCQ. Eye is an organ that senses things with aid of

  1. taste
  2. smell
  3. sight
  4. hearing


MCQ. Four types of taste buds are salty, sweet, sour and

  1. different
  2. weird
  3. bitter
  4. bad


MCQ. Cavity of nose is generally known as

  1. nerve impulse
  2. nasal cavity
  3. nostril
  4. nosepiece


MCQ. Eye can recognize things in bright and dim light, but I cannot see if there is no

  1. taste
  2. vision
  3. smell
  4. light


MCQ. Tears are produced by

  1. tear glands
  2. endocrine glands
  3. sensory cell
  4. receptors