Sense Organ and Senses Multiple Choice Questions 17 PDF Download

Practice sense organ and senses MCQs, grade 6 science test 17 for online courses learning and test prep, human skin multiple choice questions and answers. Human skin revision test includes science worksheets to learn.

Science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on average area of skin on a human body is with options 1.4 sq. meters, 1.8 sq. meters, 1.6 sq. meters and 1.2 sq. meters, human skin quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free science study guide to learn human skin quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sense Organ and Senses Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 17

MCQ. The average area of skin on a human body is

  1. 1.8 sq. meters
  2. 1.4 sq. meters
  3. 1.6 sq. meters
  4. 1.2 sq. meters


MCQ. People with long-sightedness are treated by using

  1. concave lens
  2. convex lens
  3. lens
  4. none of them


MCQ. The fault between the vision and balancing canals in the ear can cause

  1. sea sickness
  2. motion sickness
  3. dizziness
  4. all of them


MCQ. The adjustment of size of pupil to control the entering of the light is known as

  1. reaction
  2. reflex action
  3. prompt response
  4. fraction


MCQ. The major function of the tongue is

  1. swallowing
  2. digestion
  3. speech
  4. all of them