Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 pdf Download

Practice science quiz 5 on plant photosynthesis and respiration MCQs, grade 6 what is respiration multiple choice questions. Free what is respiration guide has science worksheet with answering options oxygen, argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with what is respiration quiz as largest percentage composition in air is of for exam prep. Study to learn what is respiration quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration - Quiz 5

MCQ. Largest percentage composition in air is of

  1. argon
  2. oxygen
  3. nitrogen
  4. carbon dioxide


MCQ. At midday, leaves

  1. respiration
  2. photosynthesis
  3. mainly photosynthesis and some respiration
  4. none of them


MCQ. Number of factors that affect rate of photosynthesis are

  1. four
  2. three
  3. two
  4. five


MCQ. Products of photosynthesis are oxygen and

  1. Starch and Sucrose
  2. Glucose
  3. Starch
  4. water


MCQ. Balance of two gases is very important for all communities, these two gases are

  1. nitrogen & oxygen
  2. carbon dioxide and oxygen
  3. argon & nitrogen
  4. none of them