Cells, Tissues and Organs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 11 pdf eBooks Download

Learn cells, tissues and organs MCQs, grade 6 science test 11, cells and cell types multiple choice questions and answers. Cells and cell types revision test has science worksheets, answer key with choices as cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm and vacuole of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with cells and cell types quiz as the border of cell that allow some substance to enter is known as for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free science study guide to practice cells and cell types quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cells, Tissues and Organs Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 11

MCQ. Border of cell that allow some substance to enter is known as

  1. nucleus
  2. cell membrane
  3. cytoplasm
  4. vacuole


MCQ. Organisms made up of huge amount of cells(like humans) are known as

  1. multicellular
  2. unicellular
  3. epithelial
  4. epidermal


MCQ. A cell that transports oxygen from lungs to body and carbon dioxide from body to lungs is known as

  1. nerve
  2. root hair
  3. palisade
  4. red blood


MCQ. Palisade cells are made up of

  1. flattened cells
  2. muscles
  3. nerves
  4. chlorophyll


MCQ. Electrons are sub-atomic particles that rule outer part of the

  1. photon
  2. particle
  3. atom
  4. molecule