Atoms Molecules Mixtures and Compounds Multiple Choice Questions 32 PDF Download

Practice atoms molecules mixtures and compounds MCQs, grade 6 online science test 32, facts about science multiple choice questions and answers. Facts about science revision test has science worksheets, helping answer key with choices as atom, molecule, compound and solution of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with facts about science quiz as an element can exist as either atoms or for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free science study guide to practice facts about science quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Atoms Molecules Mixtures and Compounds Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 32

MCQ. An element can exist as either atoms or

  1. molecule
  2. atom
  3. compound
  4. solution


MCQ. The non-metals exist in two of the three states of matter i.e. gas and solid, at

  1. room temperature
  2. freezing point
  3. sunshine
  4. oven


MCQ. The elements that does not conduct heat and electricity very well are known as

  1. solid
  2. metal
  3. non-elastic
  4. non-metal


MCQ. In steel and iron industries, the gas used for cutting, welding and melting of metal is

  1. oxygen
  2. nitrogen
  3. helium
  4. hydrogen


MCQ. The most common type of sugar is

  1. fructose
  2. sucrose
  3. gluten
  4. glucose