Air and Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions Test 7

Practice science quiz 7 on air and atmosphere MCQs, grade 6 atmosphere: basic facts multiple choice questions. Free atmosphere: basic facts guide has science worksheet with answering options jupiter, earth, neptune and mars of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with atmosphere: basic facts quiz as atmosphere is an important part for life on for exam prep. Study to learn atmosphere: basic facts quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Air and Atmosphere - Quiz 7

MCQ. Atmosphere is an important part for life on

  1. Earth
  2. Jupiter
  3. Neptune
  4. Mars


MCQ. Fractional distillation consists of

  1. two steps
  2. three steps
  3. four steps
  4. five steps


MCQ. Air is important because it is prime cause of life on

  1. Mars
  2. Earth
  3. Jupiter
  4. Neptune


MCQ. When methane is combusted with oxygen, products produced are

  1. nitrogen & oxygen
  2. carbon dioxide & water
  3. oxygen & water
  4. many gases


MCQ. Sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in leaves, while gaseous exchange takes place through

  1. leaf stomata
  2. roots
  3. pollen grain
  4. none of them