Grade 6 English MCQs

Surface Area and Volume Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 Tests pdf Download

Practice math test 3 on surface area and volume MCQs, grade 6 volume of fluids multiple choice questions and answers. Volume of fluids revision test has math worksheets, answer key with choices as 2500cm3, 250cm3, 25cm3 and 25000cm3 of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with volume of fluids quiz as by converting 2500000mm3 into cm3, answer will be for competitive exam prep. Free math study guide to learn volume of fluids quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Surface Area and Volume: Worksheets 3 Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. By converting 2500000mm3 into cm3, answer will be

  1. 250cm3
  2. 2500cm3
  3. 25cm3
  4. 25000cm3


MCQ. If diameter of right circular cylinder is 18cm with height of 28cm and value of pi = 3.142 then total surface area of cylinder is

  1. 2092.572cm2
  2. 3092.572cm2
  3. 4092.572cm2
  4. 1092.572cm2


MCQ. By converting 900000cm3 into liters, answer will be

  1. 9000 liters
  2. 90 liters
  3. 9 liters
  4. 900 liters


MCQ. If there are 150 wood cylinders to be carved and each cylinder is 12cm long and has diameter of 45mm then total surface area for carving is

  1. 285cm2
  2. 250cm2
  3. 201cm2
  4. 305cm2


MCQ. If 200 liters of orange juice is to be poured in cylindrical drum with diameter of 80cm then depth of orange juice in drum is

  1. 54.68cm
  2. 39.78cm
  3. 45.78cm
  4. 48.68cm