Surface Area and Volume Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Learn surface area and volume MCQs, grade 6 online math test 2, cylinders multiple choice questions and answers. Cylinders revision test has math worksheets, helping answer key with choices as 25cm, 40cm, 33cm and 45cm of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with cylinders quiz as if diameter of a cylinder is 5cm and volume of cylinder is 650cm³ then height of cylinder is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free math study guide to practice cylinders quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Surface Area and Volume Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 2

MCQ. If the diameter of a cylinder is 5cm and the volume of cylinder is 650cm³ then the height of cylinder is

  1. 40cm
  2. 25cm
  3. 33cm
  4. 45cm


MCQ. If a cuboid is 2.7cm high, 7.8cm long and 3.7 wide then the volume of cuboid is

  1. 77.922cm³
  2. 82.987cm³
  3. 83.456m³
  4. 85.687cm³


MCQ. If a rectangular tank is 21cm long, 13cm wide and 18cm high and contains water up to a height of 11cm then the volume of water in liters is

  1. 4.003 liters
  2. 5.003 liters
  3. 3.003 liters
  4. 2.003 liters


MCQ. By converting 6800cm³ into ml, the answer will be

  1. 6800ml
  2. 680ml
  3. 68ml
  4. 68000ml


MCQ. By converting 0.8m³ into cm³, the answer will be

  1. 800000cm³
  2. 80000cm³
  3. 8000cm³
  4. 800cm³