Weather and Climate Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 pdf Download

Practice geography quiz 6 on weather and climate MCQs, grade 6 elements of weather multiple choice questions. Free elements of weather guide has geography worksheet with answering options rainfall, snow, hail storm and thunderstorm of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with elements of weather quiz as considering relief rain, windward side receives for exam prep. Study to learn elements of weather quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Weather and Climate - Quiz 6

MCQ. Considering relief rain, windward side receives the

  1. snow
  2. rainfall
  3. hail storm
  4. thunderstorm


MCQ. Kind of winds that blows through year frequently is classified as

  1. prevailing winds
  2. maritime winds
  3. continental winds
  4. convectional winds


MCQ. Mean annual temperature of tropical monsoon climate areas is

  1. 18°C
  2. 26°C
  3. 30°C
  4. 16°C


MCQ. Shapeless clouds that brings rain for longer period of time are classified as

  1. Stevenson clouds
  2. cumulus clouds
  3. stratus clouds
  4. cirrus clouds


MCQ. Annual temperature range of equatorial climate is

  1. 2°C
  2. 5°C
  3. 8°C
  4. 10°C