Weather and Climate Multiple Choice Questions 17 PDF Download

Learn weather and climate MCQs, grade 6 online geography test 17, temperate climate multiple choice questions and answers. Temperate climate revision test has geography worksheets, helping answer key with choices as snow, windstorms, hail storms and thunderstorms of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with temperate climate quiz as the form of winter precipitation in cool temperate climate is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free geography study guide to practice temperate climate quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Weather and Climate Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 17

MCQ. The form of winter precipitation in cool temperate climate is

  1. windstorms
  2. snow
  3. hail storms
  4. thunderstorms


MCQ. The more water vapors are held when the

  1. greenhouse gases are less in air
  2. greenhouse gases are more in air
  3. temperature is lower
  4. temperature is higher


MCQ. The example of tropical monsoon climate area is

  1. Amazon Basin
  2. south west Africa
  3. east coast of Central America
  4. Congo River Basin


MCQ. The area of North Europe experience cool temperate climate which lies between

  1. 20°N and 55°S
  2. 10°N and 30°S
  3. 25°N and 45°S
  4. 45°N and 60°S


MCQ. The unit of measurement to measure relative humidity is

  1. percentage
  2. centimeters
  3. degree Celsius
  4. degree Fahrenheit