Facts about Earth Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 pdf Download

Practice geography quiz 4 on facts about earth MCQs, grade 6 solar system multiple choice questions. Free solar system guide has geography worksheet with answering options sun, galaxies, moon and stars and venus and mars of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with solar system quiz as planet earth receives sunlight and heat from for exam prep. Study to learn solar system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Facts about Earth - Quiz 4

MCQ. Planet Earth receives sunlight and heat from

  1. galaxies
  2. sun
  3. moon and stars
  4. Venus and mars


MCQ. In our solar system, asteroid belt lies between

  1. Jupiter and Mars
  2. Earth and Mars
  3. Venus and Earth
  4. Mercury and Venus


MCQ. Considering layers of Earth, center of Earth is classified as

  1. Permian
  2. core
  3. crust
  4. mantle


MCQ. Highest temperature of planet Mercury (in Celsius) is

  1. 800°
  2. 700°
  3. 400°
  4. 600°


MCQ. Length of one day on planet Venus is

  1. 243 Earth days
  2. 250 Earth days
  3. 280 Earth days
  4. 300 Earth days