Earth Landforms Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 Tests pdf Download

Practice geography test 3 on earth landforms MCQs, grade 6 types of landforms multiple choice questions and answers. Types of landforms revision test has geography worksheets, answer key with choices as 65%, 38%, 45% and 50% of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with types of landforms quiz as the percentage of land surface of earth which is covered by plateaus is for competitive exam prep. Free geography study guide to learn types of landforms quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Landforms Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 3

MCQ. Percentage of land surface of Earth which is covered by plateaus is

  1. 38%
  2. 65%
  3. 45%
  4. 50%


MCQ. Volcanic mountains are formed over years due to the

  1. piles of drift plate
  2. piles of magma
  3. piles of plates
  4. piles of crust plates


MCQ. Types of valleys on basis of their shapes includes

  1. U-shaped and V-shaped
  2. C-shaped
  3. O-shaped
  4. W-shaped


MCQ. River which carves Grand Canyon Plateau is

  1. Yarlung Zangbao river
  2. Kilimanjaro river
  3. Colorado river
  4. Pinatubo river


MCQ. Rock which is lower in elevation and is less steep than mountain is called

  1. plain
  2. valley
  3. hill
  4. plateau