What is Verb Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 3 on what is verb MCQs. Attempt grade 6 english multiple choice questions with answers, verbs MCQ as i ___________ recognize her when i was crossing the road., below. Study to learn verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on What is Verb - Quiz 3

MCQ. I ___________ recognize her when I was crossing road.

  1. cannot
  2. was not
  3. could not
  4. are not


MCQ. He ___________ not accept my proposal when I asked him.

  1. do
  2. can
  3. did
  4. doing


MCQ. I was going to ___________ my eggs.

  1. sells
  2. selling
  3. sell
  4. would sell


MCQ. In summer, sun ___________ brightly.

  1. shines
  2. shine
  3. shining
  4. will shines


MCQ. You ___________ abide by office rules.

  1. must
  2. does must
  3. did must
  4. are must